Concertina Bags

Simply unzip, take risers out, unclip the 2 quick release straps, rip open the Velco to free leading edge, pull the Concertina Bag out from under your wing, make your final preparations – and take off!

Individually handmade from durable Dylamid the Concertina Bag features:

  • 4 strong zippers (sliders)
  • a protection liner under the zipper to avoid canopy pinching
  • 2 integrated pockets to secure risers which can be left attached to your harness
  • 2 straps with quick release clips to hold the wing in place
  • a 30cm wide Velcro strap to lock the leading edge of the canopy securely
  • integrated external straps to secure the folded bag
  • dual colour of Concertina Bag indicates location of leading edge without opening bag for easy unpacking
  • includes colour co-ordinated storage bag to protect the Concertina Bag when not in use

The Concertina Bag is available in a range of colour combinations. Alternatively you can contact us and we can produce your bag with your own unique colour combination* at no extra cost. As usual this product comes with a 5 year warranty.

*colour choice is from our specified range
Size: 300cm x 100cm (fits most solo gliders)
Weight: 600g

Price: £42 / 57€
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