Who we are?

We are two Hungarian paragliding mates Norbi and Geri. We have been flying together for 7 years.

In 2012 we unwittingly started to make paragliding accessories with assistance of Norbi’s sister, Judit. Geri was about to sell his third cockpit in a row as he was unsatisfied with the design and functionality of the current ones on the market. Rather than sell yet another cockpit Judit, a dressmaker with her own shop, offered to convert Geri’s cockpit to his own unique design.

The resulting cockpit turned out to be an instant success as it included all the functionality and design features that were lacking in the mass market products. It wasn’t long before Geri’s unique cockpit was noticed by other pilots who were keen to know where they could purchase one for themselves. After a few more cockpits were made to order JustFlyUp was born! In three years we have sold more than 400 cockpits and 400 concertinas and fast packing bags in Hungary alone!

From our first basic web site and word of mouth we started to create an increasing international demand for our products with orders from Austria, Germany, Spain, UK and even Australia. It wasn’t long before we needed an international shop and hence the launch of JustFlyUp.com and JustFlyUp.co.uk website.

With the support and encouragement of a growing group of pilots we have finally moved into the international market in 2015 while still maintaining our core principles. All our products are still made by hand by Judit and her skilled team ensuring the highest production quality. Product design and development is still driven by Norbi and Geri and their love of paragliding whist they have been ably assisted in rebranding the business for the international market by their wives.

We are now so happy to be able to offer all our customers around the world the option to buy our products from our safe and secure shop, please click below for our terms and conditions.

We are continually developing our products to offer pilots the very best accessories possible. If you have an idea of how we could improve one of our products please let us know. If we incorporate your suggestion into the next generation of that product we’ll give you one for free! Or you may choose any other product from our range.