Why choose us?

We provide 5 years warranty on our accessories, not that you’ll need it, as not a single customer has sent back any of our products for a warranty replacement in the past 3 years!

We provide a 14-day No-Question return policy for all products – this lets you buy in confidence, evaluate the product and return it if it’s not what you’re looking for.

We handmake every single product to ensure the very highest quality production.

We are regular PG pilots designing and developing our own custom accessories based on many years of PG experience. Our accessories are designed by pilots, for pilots.

You can finally get the exciting range of colourful accessories! No boring black here, unless of course that what you’re looking for!

You can be part of our development team! If you have an idea in how we can develop one of our products and we incorporate it in the next generation of that product we’ll give you one for free in a colour of your choice! Or you can choose any other product from our range, just let us know.

JustFlyUp PG accessories, designed by pilots, for pilots!